The Glorious Prize

The world and our nation are contending with a very aggressive, contagious virus. Its sudden appearance has brought much apprehension, loss of peace, security and raw fear. Fear of the unknown and anxiety may lead some to forget to pray and praise God. Regardless of...

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Player Or Spectator

When it comes to organized sports, most of us are just spectators. We cheer for our favorite teams and hope they win. Other than cheering, most of us take no active role in whether the game is won or lost. We generally eat pop-corn, cheer, then turn the television to...

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We Must Lean On Him!

Disciples of Christ, must learn to lean and depend on the mighty arm of God. Our daily plans ought to be drawn up with the cause of Christ in mind. From the epistle of James, we learn the wisdom of including God. Before we finalize our daily plans, we ought to say,...

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Do All In His Name!

There is great satisfaction when we, as Christians, enjoy our daily work. Hopefully, over time, our enthusiasm for our labor will motivate others to enjoy their work as well. In like manner, those serving the cause of Christ ought to daily radiate the joy they have in...

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Earthly Cares And Concerns

While in the flesh, we will experience troublesome times. Even though most of the challenges we face are manageable, some are more difficult for us to get a handle on. However grievous they might seem to be, earthly cares must never be given priority over our...

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A Spirit Of Obedience

How much do you love God? When it comes to living righteously before Him, can He see your zeal or lack of it in your daily service to His cause—the church. When the Lord comes, will you be found on the battlefield fighting evil? Will you be found seeking and saving...

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Why Study The Bible?

Serious students know the necessity of regular, productive study habits. Without such attentiveness, future academic and occupational opportunities might be severely limited. In like manner, Christians must make provision for acquiring, learning and applying the Word...

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What Place Have You Reserved For God?

During 2020, we will make many decisions. These decisions will influence our daily living for the remainder of our lives. Is it not best to prudently plan for upcoming options as best we can, so we will not be locked into a reactionary mode? Not that we can't change,...

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Taking Another Look!

Traditionally, the end of the year calls for reflection on “yesterday living”. Hopefully, such reflection, which calls for frankness and honesty, might help some of us make productive adjustments in our daily walk. These changes are commonly known as New Year’s...

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The Lord Jesus Is Coming?

Everyday God allows us to open our eyes, ought to be a day of thanksgiving. How so? Another day to serve the only true and living God is truly a blessing. The fact God has allowed us another day on the earth, does not in anyway mean we are off-the-hook regarding our...

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